Oh hello there!  

We’re Unibrow Society: a collaboration between Sara Bicknell and Kathleen Marcotte.


We’ve united under one brow to create thoughtful, empowering, cute, fun, illustrated goods to brighten your day.  We believe in laughter, in play, and embracing all the awkward, weird parts of ourselves that make us human.


Unibrow Society follows one code: be kind, be cool, embrace imperfection, and support one another. We’re all on this spinning rock flying through space together!



Kathleen Marcotte

Kathleen Marcotte is an illustrator from the suburbs of Chicago. She’s been in Cleveland for a while and loves how the city comes alive in the summer.  When she’s not illustrate’n, she can be found running through the Metroparks, listening to too many podcasts, and howling at trains with her dog, Kuma.  

She still isn’t really sure how to use an eyebrow pencil.

website: kathleenmarcotte.com

instagram: @ktmarcotte

Sara Bicknell

Sara is an illustrator hailing from the swamps of Florida. She moved to Cleveland 5 years ago, and is learning the importance of a good pair of socks. She loves getting lost in books, going down rabbit holes, bad jokes, and the sound of synthesizers.

She rocked comma eyebrows in middle school.

website: sara-bicknell.com

instagram: @worrywartspoilsport

Want to collab with us? Have burning questions (like “is a hotdog a sandwich?” or “what are your go-to karaoke songs?”)

Drop us a line!