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Two people standing infront of a mural with trees, people, and animals in a park

If you live in Lakewood, Ohio, you may have noticed a new mural pop up a few weeks ago on 13359 Madison Ave, the home of 502 CLE and Superscript!

Last year, Kathleen and I were awarded a grant through Lakewood’s Spectacular Vernacular Public Art Grant Program. After creating the digital "mural" in late 2020, it was printed on vinyl, and installed on the brick wall in mid-May by Inflatable Images (yes, they also make giant inflatables, and yes, we really want to make a whacky inflatable wavy arm unibrowed creature now).

To inspire the mural, we asked the businesses and building owner about what they loved about Lakewood, and everyone agreed on Lakewood Park and its Solstice Steps, the diverse community of people, and the local nature and wildlife - including the Purple Martins nesting at the Celeste Purple Martin Birdhouse, Cardinals, Blue Jays, American Goldfinches, and Starlings! (Fun fact: Kathleen and her husband are avid birders!)

Here are some close up shots:

Section of mural with trees, children on a playground, a biker, a runner, a skateboarder, and a group of friends at a picnic table playing a board game

Section of mural with children and parents at a playground, a skateboarder, a group of friends at a picnic table playing a board game, a couple wearing Cleveland Cavaliers clothes, and two people sitting on a blanket talking

Section of mural with two people sitting on blanket and talking, a person in a motorized wheelchair reading, a person wearing headphones, a person sitting on a bench reading with a dog, a bird flying, three people doing yoga, sunflowers, and a cat hidden behind more leavesSection of mural with trees and people sitting on the Solstice Steps

What do you love about Lakewood? Click this link to download a coloring page based on the mural, and use the space to draw or write about your favorite people, places, and things!

Share your creations with us when you're done, and we'll add it to our gallery! Email us, or tag us on instagram @unibrowsociety.

Many thanks to City of Lakewood and the Spectacular Vernacular Public Art Grant Program; Boris Grinberg, the owner of the building; and Hector Marinaro of Inflatable Images and Andrew Rinaldi of AllPro Vinyl Graphic Installation for the beautiful print and installation!

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